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In this book, Professor Fomum, delves into the believer's responsibility to do what he must do in order to practically experience sanctification.

It is up to the believer to take all necessary steps to make evident the new quality of life that God is showing him.

Sanctified and Consecrated for Spiritual Ministry shows you step by step how to place at the disposal of the Lord a pure and available vessel (that is, yourself), which he can use in His service, at His discretion, anywhere, anytime and for any purpose.

If you are not sanctified, you don't have the kind of quality vessel that God needs to be consecrated to Him. If you are sanctified, but are not consecrated, God can't use you for astounding and outstanding spiritual ministry.

The content of this book is therefore fundamental for all those who are called to a narrow walk with God and to spiritual ministry for Him.

This book, if strictly applied, will make you an effective and useful minister in the hands of the Lord.

Sanctified and Consecrated for Spiritual Ministry

SKU: 0001
  • Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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