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Lord, teach us how to pray... 

With these well-known words, the disciples acknowledged there was much to learn from the master about prayer and praying. As a keen student of these subjects, who has sat long at the master’s feet, Professor Fomum has learned and practiced much. Even today, the master is able to teach us through this faithful disciple who has searched deep and wide within the pages of scripture.

As a scientist, the author puts the Lord Jesus’s prayer life under a microscope and draws certain quantifiable guidelines. This “Textbook” on praying is replete with charts and diagrams. Professor Fomum draws on Jesus’ prayer life and teaching on prayer to help enrich the prayer of today’s disciples.

The original title of this book is self-explanatory. With Christ in the School And Ministry of Payer. However, the current title brings out the results of applying what we learn from the Master’s School of prayer. 

Professor Fomum invites us to enroll with him - a lifelong learner - in the Lord’s School of praying.

To enroll in the Master’s programme on praying all you need to do is read and apply what you learn from this extraordinary book.

Praying with Power

  • Zacharias Tanee Fomum

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